Unique pore structure provides
high absorption

Increases soil porosity and drainage

Reduces compaction of hard clay
and soil

Available bagged and bulk

Introducing Game-On
Sports Field Conditioners

With the advent of sports turf, golf greens, and professional lawn care, the science of earth cultivation has made considerable advancements. One major advancement aiding the industry of recreational sciences for parks superintendents, college facilities directors, municipalities, school districts or just about anyone responsible for maintaining the best quality of athletic fields is the production of Game-On sports turf. Game-On is a product made from Haydite, which is expanded shale, that has been rotary kiln fired at temperatures above 2000 degrees Farenheit. The result from this process is a material that is being used on turf surfaces, in parks and other athletic fields across the country. Search through this Web site to learn more about Game-On.